* The Parent Portal is a unique web-based tool that allows you to securely view your childís grades and attendance online. You can register to receive e-mail or text notifications when your child is absent or when his or her grades drop below a point you identify. Additionally, you will be able to communicate directly with your childís teachers, enhancing the opportunity for parent-teacher interaction. Parents, you are strongly encouraged to retrieve your passwords from Mrs. Pinta and check your child's grades through Parent Portal.


School News Letter:

Parent newsletter Sept 2012.doc


* Uniforms and Dress Code for the 2012-2013 School Year:

          Uniforms (in force on all days that uniforms are required):

Plain red shirt or blouse with a collar
Navy blue dress pants or skirt (no higher than four inches above the knees); no jeans or sweatpants
Gym shoes or dress shoes, any color, no flashing lights or wheels
Optional: Solid or Grissom School navy blue or red sweater or sweatshirt
*The last Friday of every month is out of uniform day, if this is your child's gym day they may dress in regular clothes but still need to wear gym shoes.

Dress code (in force on all days):

No rubber bands worn around pant legs.
Shirts may not be knotted or otherwise tied at the bottom.
All pants must come up to the studentís waist.
No midriffs or cleavage may be exposed.
Shorts (on non-uniform days) and skirts may not be more than 4 inches above the knee.
No earrings on boys
No inappropriate or offensive language on clothing
No hats, except with principalís permission.
If sweatshirt has a hood, it may not cover the head while in school.

Gym wear (in force on days when students take a physical education class):

Navy blue or red Grissom t-shirt, or a solid-colored t-shirt, navy blue or red
Navy blue shorts or sweat pants
Gym shoes, any color


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